About us

We are Chris Iles and Shari LaHerran.We are animal lovers, professional dog trainers and down to earth real people, our animals are the center of our world and we who know life is better understood by their sides.

 We rescue dogs, we help raise money for charity to save as many of them as we can, and we are grateful  for the happiness and joy these beautiful critters bring to this planet everyday.Those that know Chris and I personally, understand the depth in which we love.

Chris started Christopher's Critter Care in 2009, and on any given day we will count 10 plus dogs amongst us.We are surrounded by them, we have studied them, they are are teachers and we are their leaders. We have helped the unbalanced get balanced, the unruly get along with their fellow furry friends and we have even taught the hard of hearing to hear their fur parents call them :-).  But most of all  have taught us back.

We even invented a new dog leash the WalkPRO leash. I guess you can say You can say we eat and breathe dogs in our house. The relationship between dogs and humans is one that only those who have had the opportunity to truly connect with one of these furry critters knows deeply. This blogs was started to share our insights tips and news about the inside world of dogs. We hope you enjoy Dog Insider, and it will inform you and inspire you in your journey with your furry friends!

All the Best!!

Shari La Herran & Chris Iles  and all the pack at WalkPRO !

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