Monday, November 17, 2014

Is It safe to use a bike to walk your dog?

Is it safe to walk your dog on a bike???
I just read an article from the San Jose  Mercury news the link is below... A women writes in because she believes it is cruel and inhumane to walk the dog on a bike??

The response was good  however, there were some key notes missing that must be understood in order to make the proper choice when considering the use of a bike.  Her first concern was it was cruel to make a dog run a marathon .What everyone needs to know not all breeds are not created equal. First, understand your bread then take their age into consideration. There are many breeds, that can out run and out walk most of us humans. Chris and I have encountered many them  through Christopher's Critter Care and we know first hand no matter how many miles you log in at a calm walk,  there are those breeds, in which will not be stimulated enough to burn off  their excess energy.

Second, there was a concern about the dog not being able stop, pee, smell, or drink water. If you are considering a bike, make sure the dog has had  full access to water at all times before you begin and make sure your dog has been given a few minutes to take care of business before you start. It is a fallacy that your dog needs to pee continually on a walk, peeing continually is a sign your dog has dominating traits and the only purpose it serves is to mark up the territory. As for sniffing, leave that for your yard:-) or another time.The steady uninterrupted walk or bike ride is for the purpose of giving the dog the proper stimulation and exercise for their body and minds. This is the biggest gift you can give your dog.

In conclusion, sometimes the bike is the most humane exercise you can give your dog. Just PLEASE understand your own abilities to ride a bike first, and PLEASE take the time find the best, proper equipment there are lots of bike options available. Also, Please practice with it before you take your dog out!

Shari  La Herran
Chief Leash Designer
WalkPRO Leash

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  1. It's not safe to have this guy walk your dog.